SMS User Initiated Enrollment

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We are trying to send out some user initiated enrollment invites using SMS.

Our company phones are all on a UK network (EE), but obviously the pre-populated networks are only AT&T and Verizon.

I've selected Other Network and entered EE, along with the required phone number, but the invite just won't come through.

I've also tried entering the number with the UK country code prefix (i.e. +44), and also tried including the US exit code number at the beginning (i.e. 01144<number>), but to no avail.

Am I missing something in the format of the number, or network? Can anyone help?


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Exactly how is this supposed to work? Is there some kind of SMS gateway that handles the texts? I can¨t believe that the JSS is able to send texts just like that?

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I was having the same issue using T-Mobile and Sprint. I found that if I input the texting address for each provider in the "Other Network" field, and then the numbers as normal, they would go through. For example

I found these addresses at this address.

Hope that helps.