So what went down?

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I was unable to attend last minute, so what went down yesterday at the Boston area JAMF User Group?


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While it might be better to keep this all contained in the Boston JUG thread, I attended, and while there was no official agenda, the topics ranged from OS X Configuration Profiles (and their general flaky-ness), NetBoot configurations, think imaging, Mavericks testing (and imaging), managing App Store apps and updates, mobile device management and a few other topics. Also, Steve @simbimbo][/url showed us his JSS 9.2x installation and... I can't recall what else we talked about. I think that about covers it.

It was a small group, so I hope we can get the attendance up for the next meeting. There was also a brief talk about location for the meetings, and possibly alternating between there (at MathWorks) and a Boston location.

Anyone else who was there have anything to add?

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I'd have loved to attend, but Natick is a bit far for me after work. I would certainly attend a Boston meet-up.

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