Software Update issues

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So in the ever continuing efforts to bring people up to date but not force a new OS onto everyone, I'm trying to get all my El Cap users at least up to 10.11.6. After placing the combo .pkg into Casper Admin and indexing it, I created a policy to deploy it to all systems running El Cap that aren't on the latest build. But I get the strangest error:

Executing Policy Critical update 10.11.6 El Capitan
Mounting JSS-FS02
cp: /Volumes/JSS-FS02/Packages/OSXUpdCombo10.11.6.pkg: No such file or directory
Error: The package (OSXUpdCombo10.11.6.pkg) could not be found.
Retrying using distribution point JSS-FS01...
Mounting JSS-FS01
Installing OSXUpdCombo10.11.6.pkg...
Successfully installed OSXUpdCombo10.11.6.pkg.
Unmounting file server...
Unmounting file server...
Running Recon...
Retrieving inventory preferences from
Locating accounts...
Locating package receipts...
Searching path: /Applications

It reports a "successful" install but it still shows up as failed?


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@darthmaverick Not that it will explain the error you're seeing, but why index the combo updater? It's not something you'd ever attempt to "uninstall".

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Good point, I was just trying to get myself in the habit of doing it.