SPAM to my jamfnation specific email address

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I am starting to receive a lot of SPAM to my jamfnation specific email address.
Often the spam also contains around 1000 other addresses in the TO: field.

Browsing through this the recipient list, shows a lot of jamf staff addresses and also lots of school addresses.

Has the jamfnation mail list been compromised recently?
Are others noticing this?

I have the list of email addresses should someone at Jamf wish to confirm this.


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There was a thing, back in March, through an unintentional information disclosure on the website. I think we've all been receiving intermittent spam since (I know I have).

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I've received two messages within the past couple of days. Easy to see they're from a harvested JAMF mailing list because the spammers are including nearly 1000 recipients in the To field.

Forwarded the spam message to JAMF Support and they've replied letting me know they received it and will look into it. I'm sure they will handle it as quickly and efficiently as last time.

Unfortunately, nothing stops the spammers from using what they already have. This is a perfect time to generate a throw away address and change your email preferences.