Specific java version required for JSS 9.96/Tomcat8?

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Morning folks,

I tried to upgrade my JDK/JRE installation on my JSS (windows 2012 64bit) this morning to 8u111 from 8u101, and I couldn't start the Tomcat8 service afterward. I was getting the following error in my System Event log:

The Apache Tomcat 8.0 (Tomcat8) service terminated with the following service-specific error: 
Incorrect function.

I had stopped the Tomcat service, uninstalled Java JDK/JRE 8u101, installed Java JDK/JRE 8u111, and when I tried to restart Tomcat, it failed and referred me to the system log, and the above is all that was there. As we don't have a test environment, I've rolled it back to Java 8u101 and Tomcat is working, JSS is back up, but I'm just curious if anyone has JSS 9.96 running on Windows, with Tomcat8 and Java JDK/JRE running. I've been asked by my security team to upgrade the Java installation on this server, but right now, not sure how I can do so.

The JSS server admin document doesn't specify that Java 8u101 is required, just java 1.7 or 1.8.


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Hey @nullthegrey

I've just upgraded one Windows JSS (including Java JDK to v8u112) and installed one fresh Windows JSS (again, including Java JDK to v8u112).

A few points to note / suggestions to check:
1. I always use Add / Remove Programs in Control Panel to remove the previous Java JRE and JDK
2. I would check that you have installed the 'Unlimited Cryptography' files in the newly updated / installed JRE folders (see step 4 in this link, under "Windows 2008", then under "To install and configure Java and JCE")
3. I would also check that you have updated the System / Environmental variables with the paths to the newly updated / installed JRE and JDK location (see this link). Don't forget to reboot too!

I hope that helps!


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We're running v9.96 with Java with no "Incorrect function" errors. (We are seeing Tomcat 8 crashes every 18 hours, but the fact that it runs points away from it being a Java error. Also, we were using this same version of Java for months with v9.92 with no crashes.)