Specific user can't login to Self Service

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One of our techs can't login to Self Service any more. This started a couple weeks ago, but there haven't been any changes to Jamf from our end (on-prem). He's in the right AD group and can login to the console. Also, other techs can login to the same device without issue. Any ideas? Screenshot below:



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Duplicate entries in your Jamf Pro Users section for that user?

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@ryan.ball There was a second account. I'm waiting to hear back, but this will probably fix it. Thanks!


I had the same issue. I found that if I assigned a computer to my tech in question, he could then sign into Self Service. I believe Self Service logins don't query AD, but assignment of computers does.

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@dennisnardi Self Service logins will definitely query AD

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We have the same issue with our on-prem JAMF with Self Service on Mac.
We've seen this issue come and go in different versions. We now have 10.16.1 and the problems are back.

I have found out that this comes with re-installed computers, no mather if I delete the object in JAMF at first, then re-install or if I don't. We at IT - admin accounts in JSS can always login. Standard users can not.
I've seen in the logs in a problematic computer, that it says "null" for the user that tried to login. It seems that Self Service can't find the right user in LDAP? LDAP is connected and working from the JSS though. I can search for a problematic user there without any issues. Fast and reliable. If I on purpose write the wrong password in Self Service app it says "wrong password".

What can we try to solve this ??

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Did anyone find a fix for this? We see it on occasion too in our environment very similar to what @martenblank described


Any fix for this issue?  I just ran into it for the first time running 10.38. None of my users can authenticate in self service. LDAP is fully functional on the JSS and the endpoints.