Sporadic Proxy Issues

Contributor III

I have begun seeing an issue with a handful of users.

We are setting our Wi-Fi via Config Profile.

In that profile it contains payloads for our Wi-Fi, SCEP, & PKI. We are also using a script on the wired side to set the automatic proxy (PAC File URL) for wired interfaces.

What my users are seeing at sporadic intervals despite the proxy settings being in place getting access denied prompts when trying to hit web services they should be allowed to hit. The users seeing this will get access denied for hours and then magically it will start working again but have no good reason why it started working.

I have engaged our Network and Security teams who are already working on it but was just curious if anyone else may have seen or heard of similar issues.


New Contributor II

Hello, I actually have the same problems. Random login window to connect to the proxy.