SSO Extension on M1's

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Is anyone else having issues with the SSO extension just randomly stop working? This is happening more and more often, more so on M1 devices. The only way we have been able to resolve it is to wipe the device and set it up fresh. Seems like JAMF is pushing their other products and making it harder on us who choose not to use JAMF Connect which is becoming frustrating.  


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My only issue has been Monterey requires the configuration profile managing SSO to be configured with the Realm written in all uppercase. That has been my only issue on an M1.

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We have seen the same issue. It does not seem related to certain hardware or certain OS versions since we have seen it on various models and across 10.x, 11.x and 12.x Macs. I can pretty much identify any Macs with the issue based on an error in an EA we have for Kerberos SSO details.


When troubleshooting the issue running various app-sso commands in Terminal results in a err -1 error. I was able to fix one user by running various kinit, kdestroy, app-sso commands, but I forget exactly what I did to be able to create a script to fix others with the issue.


I just got off a monthly call with our Apple engineer who I have brought this issue up with in the past. He suggested I use the feedback app to submit a ticket about the issue, which I have done (ticket FB9834932). Our engineer said he will make sure the feedback goes directly to the main KerbSSO engineer at Apple. Unfortunately, we are a global company and I can't get my hands on a Mac that currently has the issue so I can gather a sysdiagnose log.


If I hear anything back from Apple I will post an update.

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Did you ever find a solution for this. Have a similar if not the same problem.