Startup manager via bootup model specific?

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Hopefully i'm using the correct terminology here....

When booting a machine with the option key pressed down I'm seeing different results depending on the model of the device.

On a MacMini (2009) I see: HD, 4 different images hosted from a Mac Netboot server, 1 image hosted from the Netboot/SUS VM.

On a Macbook Pro (early 2008) I only see HD but if I press the 'N Key' I see the IP address representing the Mac Netboot server. (Only one option despite there being 4 images on that server)

Is this Model specific or EFI version perhaps?

I'd like to turn off the Mac Netboot server and just use the Netboot/SUS VM but I want to be able to see it in Startup manager on all devices if possible.


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Any tips on this issue? We are at the point where we want to shutdown the Mac Netboot server but I don't know how to deal with netbooting devices like the early 2008 Macbook Pro....

Exact same subnet, MacMini sees the Faux NetBoot option and the Macbook Pro only sees the old Mac server images.