State of Zebra Printer Drivers

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If only I had known before customer made this purchase…

One has to sign in to an online account just to run the installer.

Maybe it's not too late to be returned.Screen Shot 2023-03-02 at 9.06.03 AM.pngScreen Shot 2023-03-02 at 9.06.53 AM.png


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Most of HP inkjet printer setup's are now like that, a right pain.
Here's the use case for Jamf's Composer app
I would run a snapshot, install the app then use Composer to snapshot the changes it made and then create my own standard installer of next time.

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At one point, the Zebra tools were completely unnecessary to making the printer work. There are Zebra drivers for a couple of different protocols included with macOS and the printers can be setup manually. It might be worth looking at the setup with the tools and without - you may not need them. Once a working printer object is made, Jamf Admin can make a deployable printer queue.

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This is the exact reason I keep hardware standards. "You" get what is on the list, or "you" are on your own lol.


Beyond reaching out to the vendor to see if they have an enterprise package you can try installing the package/application on your device, and the packaging the drivers from /Library/Printers/zebra and see if that is sufficient to deploy and have the printers function.


Zebra does have a post up telling you that you should use the CUPS drivers for Zebra printers on macOS. The article was recently updated and looks pretty well written.

IMPORTANT! Zebra suggests the use of the CUPS driver for use on macOS operating systems. The CUPS driver is pre-installed on macOS devices. Therefore, it is not necessary to download and install a driver for Zebra printers on macOS devices.


Installing a Network Zebra Printer on a Mac

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Thanks for the suggestion.

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Hello all! I recently took a position that is a Hybrid A/V and IT job. Part of this position has me solely manage a cloud based Jamf Pro instance. We have about 50 odd Mac's and a dozen or so iPads being managed. I personally have zero experience with Jamf pro and no scripting experience. I would like some advice on how to quickly get started on the scope, capabilities, and limitations that I have with managing my environment and how to best get going with training. I have already started the official Jamf training, but it will take me a bit of time to properly go through it all( I fully intend to complete).
My only other experience is some management in an AD environment that used roaming profiles, and some experience in an older on-prem instance of Jamf.

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I recommend making your own post rather than adding a comment to an exiting post that is unrelated to your question.