Stop users from closing An application or auto reopen

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Hi all, we are currently using ESET endpoint protection as an antivirus on our Macs. The problem we have is users keep closing the application. Is there a way to stop a user from closing an application? if not, is it possible to make it automatically relaunch when closed?


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I am not familiar with how ESET implements their application. We use BitDefender and it installs a LaunchDaemon which will make the app run as root as startup, and you can configure them to restart if closed. I thought the whole reason behind Endpoint Security is protecting the device without letting the user make too many changes to the AV engine?
Check the launchd man pages, here is an example LaunchDaemon

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Thanks for the info, I will also get with ESET to see if they provide something similar to the LaunchDaemon. I was reading somewhere, that you could make a Plist that would cause the application to reload after it is closed.

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Hello, I am also implementing ESET, where you able to figure out how to keep the application from being closed?

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No idea if it would work as you expect with security tools, but PaperCut (print server agent) uses a simple LaunchD file. Used in lab machines, it will reopen a closed/crashed app in about 3-4 seconds. If you try this, be sure to get the permissions right, as outlined, or it won't run correctly for other user accounts. They outline the file, options (sounds like you want the default "keepalive") and install nicely.