storage solutions -- your opinions please

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Hello all, I am fairly new into the world of Jamf, and currently running off of some XServer hardware for the NBI & JSS, however distro point is coming from SMB shares on windows 2012. About half of the time my imaging fails to complete because of an SMB disconnection problem. Also we are having some workstation issues (mostly 10.7.5 & 10.8.3) when trying to copy files to and from the SMB shares. It seems that about every 30min to 1hour when attempting to rename or delete the finder will want to have an admin authenticate to allow the files to be manipulated. After this we have to reset full control on the share from the server side and its okay for a while.
I have been reading that there is some 10.7.x changes in SMB which caused some permissions issues, and while 10.9x MAY help, I'm not sure that I'm willing to wait when making decisions about storage. Are others fighting permissions issues with SMB? What types of mas storage are y'all using?

Somehow I feel if im fighting with the old -5000 error of os7.x days all over again. (old I know)


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In your environment are CasperAdmin and CasperInstall directory accounts?

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My company's environment has distribution points using both Isilon and Windows 2008 Server R2 and I have not come across those problems. I think AndyBeaver's question is on the right track.

If the problem becomes more complicated than that, you might be better served contacting your JAMF Tech Account Manager or JAMF Support, rather than back and forth in an e-mail forum.

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We see the admin prompts @ times too.

Often it's because someone has files open under the folder being renamed or moved.

This was mainly from people using CS apps & working off the server.

Getting them to work from their desktop has resolved most of these issues. There are still a few people working in the old way though. :(