Supervised but not managed - implications?


Our organization has shared Apple School Manager and Jamf instances for all of our sites. I was troubleshooting an enrollment issue and set the default group assignment to our department. Before I realized it and changed it back, several devices were enrolled under our Jamf unit with supervision. I can unmanage the devices, but the supervision profile remains.

I know of only one problem with this: it can't be re-enrolled in another MDM without wiping the device or going through the complicated restore-to-another-device workaround. We've managed to get in touch with a number of the people using these iPads, and so far all were purchased with the intention of being unmanaged.

Other than the aforementioned enrollment issue, are the any other affects we should be aware of with an iPad that is supervised but not managed? I'm hoping to advise the users that they don't need to wipe the device and set up as new, since they've mostly been using them for a few weeks.


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One thing to note is that if the iPads are ever going to be managed in the new "User Enrollment" method of MDM, enrollment will fail on supervised devices.