Syncing username and passwords for students (ASM school manager help or other ways such as active directory?)

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We would like to sync the student school details to ASM so the students can login to the iPads with the same details they do for the school system.

What is everybody doing on the back end?

Our students have a school email as the username and a password they use to log into the school system.
In an ideal world, we would like our students to sign into shared ipads with the same credentials.

Does anyone have any ideas how to do this?

We are using ASM and uploading CSV's but there are lots of issues (not always up to date, creating a different 'apple' username to their school one, different passwords to remember). Ideally some sort of sync solution would be ideal.

If anyone could share what they do, that would be great! :)


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Looks like our answer has been delivered


Hello @iBSC , have you started the process yet for Federated authentication via Azure AD in ASM? If so, any problems so far?


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HI @Krbonus We started but we had a few questions to clear
We're just waiting for Apple to get back to us to confirm.

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For accounts within ASM you must import new accounts into Jamf by doing a blank user search, clicking on import, select which accounts to import. This can be done after accounts are created on ASM and then force syncing the changes.