System software from developer "Apple Inc" has been updated - In Security Prefs

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This morning, I was prompted that software (not sure if it was an extension) was blocked from "Apple Inc". I clicked off of the notification and looked in the Security & Privacy pref. Big Sur 11.1 (still have not yet updated). This is currently not a managed machine. I do have Xcode installed but pending an update and I added Disk Utility to the "Full Disk Access" group while on an Apple support call. Just seems odd that "Apple Inc" would be blocking "Apple Inc". Seems as if that would be only for unsigned software. I know the Big Sur is more restrictive/secure, but it seems like it would trust itself.


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Importantly, does anyone know how to identify greater details behind the vague prompt to "Allow"? I wish Apple had an info button to the left of that field that displayed the relevant info - path to the file, bundle ID, et cetera - or just an entirely different interface (which maybe can be found hidden by some "secret" command in Terminal?) Allowing system-modifying software feels shoehorned in here...