TeamViewer deployment issues: Accessibility Permissions

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We have TeamViewer deployed throughout our company via auto installing Policy from Jamf. Ever since the upgrade to Mojave, new installs of the TeamViewer host package get a prompt to grant accessibility permissions, which require Admin credentials. Our employees have local Standard User accounts, so they are not able to grant the permission.

We packaged up the TeamViewer installer via Composer, and even recorded the Permissions granting part after we received the prompt. Folder Permission set to:

Owner: root(0)
Group: wheel(0)
Mode 775

From Composer, created as a DMG and uploaded to Jamf. Download+Install initiated by Jamf Self Service policy.

Anyone know a workaround on how to get the Mac to grant access to TeamViewer automatically?bce160dac26b4a858e7085c7099239b0


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@kcsantos If the Macs are on Mojave you can use a PPPC profile to whitelist this so your users won't have approval issues. Check out the one I made.

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I created a PPPC profile via the PPPC Utility. Here are my settings I have enabled for TeamViewer. Am I doing something wrong?a6a475bcda8b46b0b76eceb647c525aa

I did the same for the TeamViewer_Desktop

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Ugggh... super noob mistake. I figured it out. I needed to do the settings posted in the previous picture for both TeamViewerHost and TeamViewer_Desktop. I initially assumed the settings carried to everything in that list automatically.

But it's working now. For those who are reading, just note the applications don't appear in the System Preferences>Security and Privacy>Accessibility screen after the profile allows it to go through.

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Heya... did you ever get this to work appropriately? I have been trying to use PPPC with TeamViewer and no matter what, I can't get it to work. I called TeamViewer and they said this isn't possible... you have to approve it on every machine manually.

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@thenikkiwhite - did you try what @sshort posted above?

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yes, i tried it. it did not work for me... not sure if it matters but we are running the tensor version and not the QS version.

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How do you add"TeamViewer_Desktop" ? I only see the TeamViewer host app itself when I look through everything.

I found the location, but no way to navigate to it.

EDIT: Disregard, I was able to drag it in.

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Is there any way to just add user access to the Privacy tab in Security & Privacy pref pane? Or even just the Accessibility selection?
It would be great if JAMF could add as a configuration profile item. Not seeing the white-listed apps in the Accessibility section may be a deal breaker for me with this one...
Thanks for any help.


One option we are looking at is using the Privileges app, the user can grant themselves temporary admin rights and make changes to privacy etc.


Did anybody figure out how to approve Screen Capture (Screen Recording)? The PPPC Utility and JSS only show Deny (no Allow), is this by design from Apple or is JSS 10.15.1 and the PPPC Utility not ready yet for this option on macOS 10.15.1?


@dmatth01 Correct, you can only Deny access to Screen Capture (Screen Recording) by design. Apple decided it fell into the same category as Camera and Microphone access where the user has to be the one to allow it. It seems our choice is to either touch each machine individually or educate our users on following the prompts to enable TeamViewer for Screen Recording.

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Is there really no other way to enable this "screen capture" in teamviewer. Privacy is fine, but in enterprise we need support tools working and not using 5 minutes to guide users to find the checkmark

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I'm in the same boat. Seems like it's pointless creating the profile in the first place if you can only whitelist the "Accessibility" section but not the "Screen Recording" section.

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Yeah this is crazy. Our users don't have Admin Rights so IT will have to touch every machine.

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My last communication with TeamViewer support gave me this : - to put it in context I just asked to be able to hide this pop-up (for Catalina), and the day we would have to activate screen recording our users would be able to do it

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