Template for Auto Update Magic Plug-ins

Contributor II

I've got this working for Firefox and Chrome which are applications but having trouble setting things up for Flash which is a plug-in.

I'm trying to use this as a Plug-in template:

<computer_group> <name>%group_name%</name> <is_smart>true</is_smart> <criteria> <criterion> <name>Plug-in Title</name> <priority>0</priority> <and_or>and</and_or> <search_type>has</search_type> <value>%JSS_INVENTORY_NAME%</value> </criterion> <criterion> <name>Plug-in Version</name> <priority>1</priority> <and_or>and</and_or> <search_type>is not</search_type> <value>%VERSION%</value> </criterion> </criteria> </computer_group>

The problem is that %JSS_INVENTORY_NAME% gives AdobeFlashPlayer.app and I think I need something like Flash Player.
Where is this "environment" variable getting set and where can I get a list of others?
(Or do I have to hard code it for plug-ins?)