The operation couldn’t be completed. (NSURLErrorDomain error -1012.)

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I've getting a few of these machines on 10.8.x getting this error when running Software Updates

The operation couldn’t be completed. (NSURLErrorDomain error -1012.)

Apple's forums tend to start out with the 1012 error but then get hijacked to 1100. I've tried resetting the SUS to the internal and the apple default, the error is the same.

any ideas?


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Me too!!! Same issue

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Yeah none of my 10.7 clients could connect this morning, they are now. But still seeing this error with my 10.8 clients connecting to the Mac App store for software updates.

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I also have a few of these. Good find!

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I also had this issue last night, but was able to fix it.

  1. Go into /var/folders

  2. Clear all contents inside /var/folders

This step clears out various caches, including the caches used by the Mac App Store.

  1. Restart the Mac.

softwareupdate should work again after the restart.

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Hey, that folder /var/folders

is supposed to be cleared out on startup... I shutdown and started up and the issue stopped..

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Apple has been having issues. This is all over the Reposado list.

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The only thing I've found to resolve it is to go into Keychain Access and set all Class 3 Certificates (with a blue plus - which indicates a custom setting) to System Defaults.

Is there a way to do that via script?

(also under thread

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just had my first client machine with the nsurl error. cleaning /var/folders stopped the error, but the machine is offering updates now that I have not approved on our internal SUS.
Then I checked the SUS and saw that it's logs say it's not able to sync with apple right now- last successful sync was on Nov. 1.
2 cases to open with apple this morning, yay! :)