The results of this policy were not logged at the time of execution.

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What does this error mean? The policy has "make available offline" checked - is that my problem?

It's a script policy that i need to run whether the jamf binary can reach the JSS or not, but i also need the output of that script returned to me. Is this not possible with the configuration i've made?


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@arschebl is the binary cannot contact the JSS, how will it log at the time of execution?

That message is basically saying "oh I did this, but could not contact the JSS to submit the log at that time... But here's the log of what I did"

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I had hoped that it would be a store and forward methodology - where the script is executed, the results are stored locally, and then updated later when contact to JSS is obtained (next check-in, etc.). I'll go ahead and rework my script to write to disk, then i'll pick it up later in another policy.

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It does upload the log(s), but not on a check-in that I know of. It should happen on a recon though. The logs that aren't uploaded at execution time get stored in /Library/Application Support/JAMF/logs/ At next inventory collection, the jamf binary sees them there and uploads them to the JSS, along with anything else that needs to be uploaded.

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I've seen this as well. It's definitely misleading because it results in a failed policy log for that computer when it actually completes. I've created a Feature Request so that it can hopefully be changed to properly reflect that it completed.