Things to do in Minneapolis? Pre-JNUC

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Hi All, so I land into MSP on Saturday afternoon and was wondering what are some must do things in Minneapolis? I have to do a little birthday shopping for the wife (i'm away while it's her birthday) so will go down to the mall of america. I was hoping to see some american sports, Basketball/Baseball maybe but it looks like there isn't anything Sat evening/Sun/Mon.

Any thoughts on what to do for a first time JNUC'er


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Sporting-wise, it's in-between a lot of major seasons… Twins baseball is only playing if they make the playoffs, Timberwolves (basketball) season hasn't started, and the pre-season games are all over the midwest. Vikings (football) are out of town that week, and the only major sports team left is hockey - MN Wild... They're playing at home (in St. Paul) on Saturday night, but if you want to see pro-sports, Wild games are a blast. Otherwise, Minneapolis is home to a big art/theatre/music district, so there may be some good opportunities to see some shows that weekend.

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Thanks @cdev a JAMF guy has also given me lots of options. There is a Timberwolves game on the Wednesday at the Target Center I might be able to get too.

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Not sure if you saw it, but we put together a list of The Best of MSP. Just a few of our favorite things in the city. Check out the JNUC Deals section, too, for JNUC-attendee-only deals in the neighborhood. Hope it's helpful!

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You will surely be kicking yourself if you don't make it down to the Mary Tyler Moore statue for a picture.

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I uber'd to this place when I went to JNUC a few years ago. delish.

smack shack

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Love Smack Shack!! Just wish they sent-out their food truck more often...

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@psorquist I sure did! I'll add smack shack to the ever growing list of places that look good to eat.

... Mary Tyler statue .... hmmmm :-)

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If you have a car, or can rent one for the day, try to make it out to Stillwater. It's a great little town to walk around in, especially if you enjoy old main street type towns. And while you're out that way, visit one of the apple orchards out there. Lots of fun.

In downtown near Nicollet Mall, there are some great places to eat. If you're there for breakfast, try Key's at the Foshay. Great breakfast! And try Hell's Kitchen for some good food including some great juicy lucys.

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If you are a little food crazy and if you still can get in

I went a few years ago and it was one of the best places I have every eaten...


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Black Sheep pizza.

Ho. Lee. Crap.


@5kinner I was thinking about a Timberwolves game too, but as far as I can tell, even though it's a "Home" game, it's actually being played in Canada:

But let me know if you find out it's actually at the Target Center!

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wow so much to do ..... so little time, thanks all. Would it be wrong to have 5-6 meals a day?

@jkuo Yeah looks like it's Canada.