This installer could not be run on this computer - InstallESD from mini 2012

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SO I tried to create a new image from installesd from the Mac Mini 2012 model, when i tell casper that it's a OSX installer I get an error on the screen:

dyld: DYLD_ environment variables being ignored because main executable (/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Installframework/Resources/runner) is setuid or setgid installer: Error - We could not complete your purchase . OS X Mountain Lion is not compatible with this computer.

I'm doing this off one of my lab servers/MacPros. So I am assuming I have to run casper admin to create an image from a 2012 mini. very uncool apple.


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If you're grabbing the InstallESD that came with the Mini, then yeah, you need to do that function from the mini itself, not from another Mac. Its been that way for a long time now actually. If you can get a more generic ML installer from the App Store that includes all the latest drivers, etc. that should work on any Mac capable of running ML. Then you should be able to create the installer inside Casper Admin from your Mac Pro.