this package is incompatible with this version of macos

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Hi, every file I package with Composer comes up with  "this package is incompatible with this version of macos" when I try to install it manually on the same Mac I created it on. All I can find on this are solutions related to Cisco installs, this is happening on everything I try to package, eg Brave browser, Firefox etc, the process I follow is download the dmg from the vendors site being careful to make sure it's either silicon or intel specific, drag it into composer, convert to source then in source select build as package and save it to the desktop. I am only doing this for software I can't get the pkg for obviously. I am sure I am missing something simple here?


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Does it have to be package? If not, maybe try Installomator 

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Are you sure that your file(s) permissions are correct before you build them?  Are you signing them within Composer?

Composer Preferences 

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Go into Composer preferences and there should be a drop down menu beside 'Executable types in PKGs' - select - 'One or more executables require Rosetta.  This will create a PKG that will install on either hardware platform (M1 & Intel).

I'm just reading your post again.  Try opening the DMG on your desktop instead of converting to source.

Drag and drop the app binary into your applications folder.  Then run it once to remove the quarantine prompt.

Close it.

Drag the app into Composer from Applications.

Select the app and change its 'Owner' to 'Root 0' and 'Group' to 'Wheel 0'.  Make sure 755 permissions are set, apply permissions and owner & group to all objects within the app using the cog icon at the bottom right of the main window.

Now package it as a PKG and see if that works.

If so, there may be an issue with converting to source in Composer.

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its probably because your taking signed packages and converting them to source, then repackaging them. Unless your making changes to the packages or they are just flat files why do you need to repackage them? if you open some dmg's they have a pkg which you can pul out and repackage (setting the right permissions). Or you dran the file to the apps folder set all the right setings and create a pkg with correct root and wheel permissions and repackage it