Thunderbolt and USB Adapter Netboot Problem

New Contributor

Don't think this is a Casper problem but I will ask it. On our Mid 2011 MacBook Air's some of the computer will boot into my netboot image and some won't. It will sometimes get to the gray background with the apple logo and freeze and sometimes it will get to the starry background. Not every computer is doing this I have tried computers that are fresh out of the box with a base of 10.7.1 and no thunderbolt update and it will work. but then a 10.7.5 with machine with all the updates will freeze with netboot. I get the same thing with the USB adapter so its not a thunderbolt problem and our teacher machines 2010 MacBook Air's work just fine on the USB adapter. I just rebuilt my netboot image to be 10.7.5 and have moved netboot to different servers to see if this helped. Right now I am booting from a SD card then once in the OS Casper will image through the thunderbolt. Any help will be greatly appreciated.