Thunderbolt Display 802.1x profile help

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Hey Guys,

We are working on trying to get the thunderbolt display working for our users with a self service item.

So far we will run networksetup -detectnewhardware to accept that the mac has detected hardware. Then we want to run a 802.1x profile install for that thunderbolt display ethernet.

We were thinking we could just run our standard one that we use for the built in or thunderbolt dongle because it says "first active ethernet device".
When we run it with the thunderbolt ethernet as top priority it does not work. Maybe we actually have to have a separate profile for this?

Any information would help. Thanks!


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In my experience, that would have to be the only plugged-in network adapter for that to work. The profile will bind to the first Ethernet port it detects (probably based on port, like en0, en1, etc). It does not seem to go by order in Network Preferences.

I've successfully been able to install two separate profiles for separate adapters (USB and TB dongles), but only for systems without on-board Ethernet, by swapping adapters when I install the profiles. I had to create two profiles with different payload IDs and whatnot so they could both be installed.

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Thanks i think that is what may be happening. It goes and finds the on board ethernet and binds that first and never gets to the thunderbolt display ethernet.

When you created two profiles how did you differentiate them ? Was it as simple as labeling the profile and having them have 2 different id's?
1. USB ethernet
2. Thunderbolt ethernet

I guess what i am asking is when creating the profile are you able to select the exact interface that you are creating the profile for ?

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No, you can't select the interface, I just cloned my profile and generated new PayloadUUIDs and set different PayloadDisplayNames and PayloadIdentifier strings so there were no conflicts with the original profile.

Plug in Thunderolt dongle, install first profile.
Unplug TB dongle, plug in TB display, install second profile.

You should now have two 802.1x profiles installed, each bound to a different network adapter. I don't think there is any way to do this with a system with on-board Ethernet unless you can somehow disable it completely while you install the second profile...