TimeZone Extension Attribute

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I couldn't find any extension attribute in the templates or in any forum for showing the local timezone of a computer in jamf, so I wrote my own.


It's just a simple script to pull the info from the localtime file, and cut off the first part that is always the same, then return the result to the jss.


example: TimeZone:/America/New_York



# Extension attribute to return current TZ
localtime=`/bin/ls -n /etc/localtime`
echo "<result>$TimeZone</result>"
exit 0


Here's the full .XML file for importing to jamf directly:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><extensionAttribute>
<description>gets time zone</description>
# Extension attribute to return current TZ&#13;
localtime=`/bin/ls -n /etc/localtime`&#13;
echo "&lt;result&gt;$TimeZone&lt;/result&gt;"&#13;
exit 0&#13;

Feel free to use as needed! 


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I was talking with my co-worker about this on Friday.  Were you listening @user-dKGrgHyYDI like Alexa? 😁

Thx for the script

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Is there a way to get the specific time zone? (i.e. EST, PST)

Ideally going for a more generic grouping than specific locations.

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I changed this slightly to pipe this to awk


# Extension attribute to return current TZ
localtime=`/bin/ls -n /etc/localtime | awk -F"zoneinfo/" '/zoneinfo/{print $2}'`
echo "<result>$localtime</result>"
exit 0


awk instead.