Tip; to-be-successor ProfileCreator -> iMazing Profile Creator

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Just wanted to make the community aware of the following to-be-successor of ProfileCreator, it also makes use of the ProfileManifets where ProfileCreator relies on!

iMazing Profile Creator website

Also available on macOS App Store
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We run Mosyle Manager as our MDM and I love it, however, I still think it's crazy that tools like ProfileCreator and iMazing Profile Creator are still needed. However, they are. There are certain things I can do with these tools that our MDM cannot.

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I was so hopeful that Jamf would base their overhaul of the "Application and Custom Settings" section of the Configuration Profiles on the same concepts as in ProfileManager. I don't understand why they're going with this JSON-based solution, when we already had a vibrant ecosystem around ProfileManifests.

I've been sticking with ProfileManager, but I'll take a look at this solution as well.

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The UI of iMazing seems better. Unfortunately it looks like it doesn't automatically pull from ProfileManifests. It seems that they bake in the profiles into the app, rather than pull it from the repository.