To /Applications or to ~/Applications?

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Application: GitHub Desktop Issue: Does not auto-update and pops an message asking to install a helper (Admin rights required to install). This is in Self-Service for all of my IS Macs however the developers/users do NOT have admin rights. Also, this application updates versions almost every week. Question: 1. What are the rules behind using both of these directories?
2. Is it more secure to install as many applications as possible into the ~/Applications since this location has less access/priviledges?
3. Would it be a good idea to use a script to copy the .app bundle to the ~/Applications folder rather then using Jamf to install to the /Applications folder?
4. What issues may be encountered down the road when installing into ~/Applications?


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I don't use the GitHub App, but i can tell you this about those two locations if you didn't already know.

Installing /Applications makes it usuable to all users on that computer.
Installing in /~/Applications is installing on only the currently logged on user.