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Hi everyone, I am having trouble finding a way to do this via script, I would also like to stay away from Config Profile if I could. Is there a defaults command that can change the Login Window setting to be List of Users rather than Name and Passwor...
Hi everyone, We have a couple apps that are on our Self Service that are VPP applications. I am trying to simplify our Deployment process and wanted to see if anyone knows if there is a way to install an App in Self Service via a script. I am creatin...
Hello all! I was wondering if there was a Global Setting for Computer search so that I could set it to "Contains" for everyone rather than instructing every one how to change their Search Preferences from "Exact". We are on 10.12
Hello all, We unmanage our devices we give to students after graduation as they get to keep them once they finish. I noticed that after I unmanaged the device and the command removed self service and the profiles that the devices still say they are s...
Hi Everyone, What is the best way to update a Computer's Building, Room, and Department? I have some prompts that I used to select/enter in the information, so I have the variables ready. But I am not sure how to update those fields. Is it the Comput...