Tomcat behind Load Balancer with SSL termination. What cert for the servers?


I have two Windows servers in a shared resource internal domain running in a cluster.   The public cert: is installed on the F5 with SSL termination and balanced between serverA.local and serverB.local


Yes, I know .local.  It's this company infrastructure.  Not my choice


My questions:

If you run the Tomcat configuration from within settings - I chose the selection to 'configure behind a load balancer' with a remote IP value.  This was done on both servers.

When you look at Tomcat settings:   


The SSL certificate subject name CN, does this come from what I installed via keytool into the .jks?


My browser says ' my tld JSS built in CA' is not trusted.'    How do I correct that?


Ultimately I want the browser to say SECURE and the proper certificate show in the tomcat settings.   Since it's behind the LB - I'm having trouble getting it straight


tomcat settings.png