tomcat errors on start (jss on CentOS 5.5)

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I updated a test instance of the jss running on CentOS 5.5 from 8 to 8.1 and am having trouble getting tomcat to start.

8.0 was running fine on this vm before, so 8.1 should work once this issue is resolved.

Here's a snippet of the tomcat error logs:

For good measure, I replaced the web app contents under /var/lib/tomcat5/webapps/ROOT with a fresh exploded copy of the jamf.war. mysql is running with updates to the db, as defined by jamfsoftware80-81.sql. mysql is running, firewall permits traffic to 8443 (it's actually disabled for now), and all else looks fine.

I appreciate any help here.




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On my Windows box in order to get everything running I needed to delete
the Catalina folder which was housing some cached files.

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Thanks, Matt.

Is that basically equivalent to /etc/tomcat5/Catalina?

Purging that directory didn't seem to have any effect.


I had other issues with using tomcat5 and 8.1. it was mostly authentication issues. I am using redhat 5.5. with tomcat6 and 8.1 and it works great.

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Good to know. Is the setup the same? I'll just move to tomcat6, if so.


Yeah same install. I had to add a repo to use yum cause we have in house repositories. Just instead of directories that say tomcat5 they say tomcat6.

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Just to follow up, the tomcat6 install got the jss working fine. Thanks for the tip!