Tomcat spiking CPU on startup then stopping process and using 1.6gb memory.

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Good morning Since monday of this week, we can no longer access jamf pro (webpage is just timing out).
I've been onto our jss server and noticed that upon starting Tomcat, the Apache Tomcat service is using a between 70 - 90% of the CPU and the memory usage is shooting upto 1.6GB.
After about 2 minutes, the Tomcat process just stops.
Has anybody else experienced this issue before and what did you do to resolve this?
Thank you in advance.


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I'll be that guy... Contact JAMF support and they can look through the database records with you. Bet they figure it out pretty quickly!

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@PaulBray It could honestly be a lot of different things. That is why working with your Jamf support folks may be best. You and they know more about your setup than we do. That being said if you post some additional info someone might be able to help.
What JamfPro version?
What OS are you running on?
What resources are allocated?
Are you clustered? if so how many nodes?
How many devices?

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Thank you for your advice and apologies for the delay.
It turns out the the server updates process started before before the tomcat process on start up which caused Tomcat to bomb out.