Troubleshooting Computers checking in but not running policies

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Any suggestions for troubleshooting computers that are checking in on a regular basis but not running policies (or collecting inventory?) 

I have looked at the jamf.log and I see a boat load of network change triggers, but no policy triggers. It appears the LD is not loaded either. 

Anyone else have this issue and any suggestion on how to fix? Right now, about 3% of my fleet is having this issue.


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Did these computers become unmanaged? In my experience computers not running policies are down to not being managed so there are no credentials for them to run the policies with.

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What happens when you run sudo jamf manage or sudo jamf policy in a terminal?  We have a problem with some of our computers as well.  We receive an error when we run one or both of those commands (I don't have a computer that is doing it in front of me to get the actual error).

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Seeing this issue as well. Working with Jamf Support we found the issue could be caused by a hanging policy... check for anything in /Library/Application Support/JAMF/tmp

If that tmp folder isn't empty, open one of the log files up to identify the policy that's holding things up. Then try deleting the entire tmp folder and see if policies begin to run like normal. My org is dealing with the same but have not identified the culprit policy just yet.

How are you checking in the tmp folder since it is locked down? I know it is a stupid question but still new to this and a few of my Mac's have this issue

^^^ my question, too-- BUMP

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From terminal you can


You can view the contents by first dragging the tmp folder to your desktop to create a copy. Once created you can then open the folder and view the contents. @ckulesza @tony_schaps 

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This thread is almost 2 years old and the most recent reply was over 1 year ago... but I'm running into the same issues:

Machines will check-in but not update inventory nor run policies.

/Library/Application Support/JAMF/tmp was empty

running sudo jamf policy -verbose came back with "An unknown error occured


Sorry to bump this, but if anybody had any resolutions I'd be happy to hear them!

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I had an issue with some M1 and M2 MacBooks that were not updating inventory. Turned out to be a Sentry log collection issue. I would recommend trying to disable that and see if you can update inventory afterwards.