Trusting a Unique Microsoft Certificate/Private Key


Hi all,

I'm working with some of my organizations compliance policies in Microsoft Azure, and I'm having some issues with a Microsoft-issued certificate/private key that gets issued when visiting a Microsoft resource, i.e.

Is there anyway to suppress this certificate so our end users aren't prompted every time they have to login to a specific resource? And to clarify, this is a unique, private key that is generated for each user.

So far I've tried deploying a configuration profile with a Chrome plist that explicitly allows anything from the issuer: MS-Organization-Access, as well as changing the trust settings in the Keychain to trust/allow for all applications, but nothing has prevented the certificate prompt.



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@landon_Starr I have never came across this kind of issue but mostly Adding the Certificate to the root and enabling the trust works fine(using command line).
Since you are saying certificate is unique for all user i don't think adding certificate to root and enable trust is possible for multiple users.
Check below thread and see if you get some help.

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Did you ever get a resolution for this - we have the same issue.