Turn Off DEP PreStage Notification?

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Last year we created a PreStage Enrollment to do some testing, and had assigned it just to a few Macs we were testing with. At some point the Enrollment profile got the option ticked to automatically assign all new devices. So, apparently this summer when we processed our 1100 new MacBooks, they were all assigned to this PreStage Enrollment profile.

For prepping Macs we are still imaging with Casper Imaging and enrolling as part of the imaging process. We are not quite to the point of utilizing the PreStage Enrollment. However, now the 50-70 staff devices we have handed out prior to school starting are getting the DEP popup about wanting to enroll. If the staff member continues on with the enroll process either 1) the existing profiles are removed thus removing the WiFi profile stopping the enrollment, or 2) they get an error that the Mac is already enrolled in and MDM and can't be enrolled in two MDMs at one time.

I tried unassigning all of the Macs from the PreStage Enrollment, but still would get that popup. Not I have completely deleted the PreStage Enrollment policy in the JSS, but we are still seeing the popup come up.

What can be done to eliminate this popup from devices that are already enrolled? My next thought was to go out to Apple School Manager and Unassign all of our serial numbers, but that seemed drastic.

Thanks, Tim


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Having the same issue and I did go as far as unassigning (not removing serial numbers from DEP) all serial number on deploy.apple.com to try and stop the notifications. Some users are still getting the DEP notifications. It was suggested to that this nagging notification is a feature from apple to get your clients on DEP. I am current working on this issue as well. If anyone has any suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated.


I would go to deploy.apple.com and unassign the devices from Jamf. You can first download an excel file with all the devices currently assigned to Jamf, and copy and paste the serial numbers to unassign them. Be careful not to disown them!

Sorry I don’t have access to deploy.apple.com right now, so it may not be accurate, but I hope this will help :)

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@musat - If you're running macOS 10.12.4 or greater, there's a terminal command you can run or deploy as a policy to help with this.

  1. Remove the computers from scope of your PreStage Enrollment. Save.
  2. Scope a policy to your target computers to run this command as root:
    profiles -N
  3. If there is no longer a PreStage enrollment profile in Apple's activation servers, the flag that prompts enrollment will be removed, and the prompts to enroll will stop. If there is an available enrollment profile for that computer, however, this command will prompt the user to allow DEP enrollment.

More info can be found in Apple's release notes and in the profiles man page.

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Thank you. I've already unscoped all Macs , so I will go in and create a policy to run this on all of my new Macs.

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We are starting to run into this issue as well, does this mean we have to remove from DEP? Can we no longer pre-stage without this pop up coming up every time? I am slightly confused, any info would be a great help!

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I have the same issue with iPads. They are un-checked in the PreStage Enrollment yet everytime they are wiped they will re-request to be MDM. is there no way to remove devices from Pre-stage once that have been enrolled? thanks in advance for any help!