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I'm having issues with enrollmentComplete trigger since 9.97: enrollmentComplete policies fail to execute (as if they were not scoped) A blackout period was introduced (PI-003515) to ensure that a policy would not execute twice. In practice, if a pol...
I’m writing an exit procedure from jamf. Anyone knows what happens to the device VPP apps on macOS when we do a « jamf removeFramework » ?Should we plan to unassign them first?
My setup involves a public IP address ( that resides on the firewall, NAT'ed to a private IP address ( It seems that ldap-proxy cannot bind to the IP address because it doesn't reside on the server. Which makes sense. We'd need...
FYI Just got this error on all my machines after editing a policy. jamf policy → Mon Dec 07 14:45:17 My MacBook Pro jamf[909]: Enforcing management framework... Mon Dec 07 14:45:18 My MacBook Pro jamf[909]: Enforcing scheduled tasks... Mon Dec 07 14:...
I created a Configuration Profiles > Password Policy But this doesn't apply on El Capitan (can't regress), I get this error: The profile “FTIFF - Password Policy (7A3CE275-B25B-4C13-81F9-F2680A0FC930:7A3CE275-B25B-4C13-81F9-F2680A0FC930)” could not b...
Jamf user since 2010, Mac user since the Macintosh Classic. I'm a consultant for large enterprises. Me or my team are available if you need help with all things Mac + Enterprise. Projects: - KerbMinder - SplashBuddy