Two smart comptuer groups - Pre macOS 11 and post macOS 11?

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I'm sure this is simple, but how can I create a smart computer group that has pre macOS 11 and another that has macOS 11 and newer? I'm going through and I keep having to choose ALL the macOS versions. I'm sure there is an easier way.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!


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When you go to make the smart computer group, you can add the criteria of "Operating System Version". From here you can have conditional statements such as "is, is not" and this should let you make a group with the different OS versions you specify. 

You will have to hit "show advanced criteria to get this to populate for you as an option for the smart computer group.


What you need to do is use the "Operating System Version" field and select greater than or equal to 11.0 for one group and less than 11.0 for the other group. As @JimmyMouse1 said you have to select "Advanced Criteria" to get to "Operating System Version"