Two versions of an app scoped at two level

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Hi JAMFers,

I recently encoutered a problem while running a test :
A version of an app, add in the Mobile device App Catalog, is scoped to a single iPad.
A former version of this app is already scoped to two static groups.
The iPad running the test isn't a member of either group.
Nevertheless my iPad and those of the two groups are in a loop : remove the former version - installing the new version.
It's like the groups didn't exist at all.
What am i doing wrong ?
Did any of you ever encounter that kind of trouble ?

Thanks for your feedback

P.S. I'm using JSS v.8.5.2


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With further tests run by JAMF, the issue comes from the Bundle ID field. If the Bundle IDs are the same for both apps it generates the kind of loop I encountered.
I would like to thank Beth L. for helping me understand what was wrong with my process.