Ugrade to Jamf Pro 10.13.1

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Reaching out to all jamf nation experts. I am still on version 10.2.2 and thinking about upgrading to version 10.13.1.

I know I have to upgrade to version 10.8 first then 10.13.1. is there anything I need to be aware of or need to change before doing the upgrade. our server is on OS 10.11.6. Do I need to upgrade to higher OS version or can it remain on 10.11 and upgrade JSS to 10.13.1.

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You should not be running your JSS on an EOL operating system, which 10.11 is and 10.12 soon will be. You should be running something that is supported by Apple. I would upgrade it to Mojave.

You will need to perform the MySQL innodb conversion as well.

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IMHO High Sierra would be safer because if @sayr01 runs his JSS on OSX Server (with with other services running (say Software Update Server, Netboot and the like) if he upgraded to Mojave ( 5.8 I think) he would lose them all

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I would not at all use macOS for a server task. The fact that the OS needs to be updated every year and that every update brings significant changes to features and interfaces makes it completely unsuitable for any real server task. For any server task I would go for an enterprise linux distribution that gives you the stability and continuity that a server requires.

We have been using macOS for our NetInstall service, and every year when I was upgrading the OS I was swearing at Apple. So I was not too sad when I heard that NetInstall will go away - although it really was nice for the devices...

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hi carlo.anselmi

that sounds a better option for me. I am fairly new to mac network. I was given the responsibility after our mac expert decided to quit due to some personal reasons. I am still learning and jamf nation has been a great help. so big thank you to all who contribute and provide important advice.


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