Unable to add certificates in PayLoad under OS X



Since we've upgraded to Casper 9.65 I cannot upload certificates to use in the network payload for example in OS X (in any browser)

After selecting the cert and clicking upload I immediately receive the error "Unable to complete file upload. File contents does not match file type."

The same actions are working fine in my Windows VM that is running on Parallels and the certs does show up in the web interface. Does anyone have this issue at the moment?

It's not game breaking but It's slightly annoying to switch to Windows if want to configure certificates for our environment.



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I've seen this error too. It seems to be an error with the encoding of certificate files.
I was able to resolve it by re-exporting the certificates as Base-64 encoded X-509 certificate files.

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Hi @rschenk and @entholzner,

We actually have a defect on this, listed under D-008573 - Cannot attach a .cer to a Configuration Profile Certificate Payload. As a workaround, you can rename the file extension to .der prior to uploading the certificate.

There should be a fix coming in an upcoming maintenance release, so keep an eye on the release notes.

Hope that helps!


Thanks for the response kitzy. It's not a big deal at the moment but I'm glad that is't a known issue.

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Good news! It was apparently fixed in version 9.7. NOT! And 5 years later...I am still seeing this error. Changing the .cer to a .der did not fix, but exporting as a .pem and changing that to a .der did. Will this ever be fixed @jamf ?