Unable to Keep VPP Apps Updated

New Contributor

We're having issues with VPP-managed apps not updating on our Apple TVs because the devices are reporting a blank app version to Jamf's inventory. As a result of there being a blank app version, the devices never update the app and error messages similar to the one below are logged in our Jamf Pro Server logs:

2020-06-03 16:29:42,532 [ERROR] [ina-exec-30] [licationListUpdateService] - Unable to compare the catalog version '1.4.4' with the ApplicationVersion '' or ApplicationShortVersion '' for the app 'com.thechive.atmosphereTV', so not updating
com.jamfsoftware.VersionComparisonException: Cannot compare blank versions

The issue does not appear to be confined to a specific tvOS version, and Jamf Support confirmed that the issue is present on all Jamf platforms, not just Jamf Pro.

Below is a screenshot of the inventory for a device with a blank app version:


For comparison, the following screenshot shows a device that is properly reporting its app version:


We can temporarily "fix" the problem by uninstalling and reinstalling the affected apps; however, the problem comes back at random the next time there's an app update. Another issue with this "fix" is that we have to perform it on 10,000+ devices every time we update our app, which is about once a week.