Uninstall option not removing .app files & whatever else...

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I ran through casper remote and told it to uninstall an app from a machine and recon after done.

the logs said it completed successfully, but when I SSH'd into the machine and did a an ls -l on the Applications folder it still shows up there.

The license managment side of casper said the license is in use, and when I do a search under applications and the app name, it shows up on the machine but the version number is n/a.

We're running Casper 8.4, and this is on a SL machine..


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Did you index the application in Casper Admin?

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casper doesnt remove .app bundles recursively, or anything for that matter. it removes only indexed files so, if anything made it's way into that .app bundle casper leaves it in place. view the package contents and see whats in the .app.