Unity 3d Lab deployment and EGL licensing just doesn't work!

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So I have been going through all the documentation I can find and have tried and tried to get it so that users can just open the Unity.app without signing into the unity Hub.app. This is with an Educational Grant License.

Anybody got this working and like to share how you did it? What is your strategy? 

I have come across syntax errors in the commands they give you as well as contradictory information. They say when you download the packages that there is a "handy install.sh" but instead it is a .ini What! 

Not good : ( I need this working on 120 Macs like two months ago!




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We have Unity deployed... It's licensed using a login script, linked.


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Great thanks so much I will give this a go. I am very new to JAMF, need to look at how JAMF does login Hooks.

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We get it licensed via script, but the users requested we retain the Unity Hub login pop up to enable students to access their work saved in the 'Unity Cloud'.


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Thanks for this. I think we are just going to make students get a Unity account and actually sign in to the hub.  Not tried it but do you know if when for example installing FMOD plugin it will ask for admin password?

I just tried this with the newest version, it doesn't seem to be working on my end anymore. I used this in previous years, I run this as the local admin, but when I login as another user it is not signed in.