Universal Type Client deploy - what's your workflow?

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We use both Creative Cloud Master Suite and Universal Type Client for our creatives here. The rest of the staff gets at least InDesign, some with Photoshop too.

UTC gets updated somewhat regularly, but that's not a big deal. The trick is that it has to be installed post-CC application installs and also logged in with the user's credentials (we are not AD-bound). If someone updates their Photoshop app via CC, that UTC plugin may get wiped.

Has anyone found a good method for creating PKG's of UTC and deploying it with so many variables? I myself create a pkg via Composer on a Mac that has Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop already installed so that if someone wants to reinstall UTC, it doesn't matter what CC apps that use. If a random UTC plugin gets created in a user's Applications folder, no big deal.

The other caveats are that when running the PKG installer, no CC apps can be running or the FMCore will crash (the service that runs UTC in the background) and then you've got to try rebooting and reinstalling and that's never fun.

So, anyone out there regularly running UTC updates either via Self-Service or in their thin image builds?



We would use Self-service upgrade policies for UTC. First it runs a clean up script for UTC and then deploys the new install. Once complete it will restart the machine. We simply put a message prior to deploying telling our users to quit all Adobe applications prior to proceeding. If your users don't bother reading these messages perhaps script it to kill Adobe prior to installing the package?

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If you're looking for the easiest way to deploy UTC plug-ins, don't bother trying to re-invent the wheel. :)