Unmapping and Mapping a printer

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I feel silly.

JSS 9.2, trying to create a self-service script that unmaps and remaps printers

I go to the Printers payload and add two new printer items for each printer I want to unmap and set the drop down to "unmap."

I then add two new printers items for each printer I want to remap and set the drop down to "Map."

But then the ORDER of the items changes and the Map commands execute before the unmap commands. So essentially the policy now adds two printers and then immediately unmaps them. No combination of removing and readding commands, or changing the drop downs will change the order in which these execute. It always Maps the printers first and then immediately unmaps them.

Am I crazy? Am I missing something here?


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You could use scripts to delete the queues and set them to run "before" in the printer policy. Thats one way to do it.

Find the queue name

lpstat -v

Deletes queue by name

lpadmin -x queue_name

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Yea that would work, I just tend to avoid scripting when there's a feature that ought to do it normally.

No way to sort this "unmap" and "map" so that the logical one goes first?


i have the same problem here as @dsandquisit the order just changed and i can't manage them unmap first!


This is STILL an issue in 9.96... It's really frustrating.