Upcoming Jamf 200 Courses in Miami and Salt Lake City!

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Hello, Jamf Nation!

We've added two new cities to our 2018 schedule and wanted to take a minute to let everyone know that we’re coming to both Salt Lake City and Miami this summer. We're excited to teach in these new locations and hope that anyone who has been looking to come and take our 200 course in either the Salt Lake City or Miami areas are aware of the course dates:

Jamf 200 | Miami, FL | June 19th, 2018
Jamf 200 | Salt Lake City, UT | July 17th, 2018

If you're interested in enrolling in either of these courses, please contact your customer success specialist or feel free to do so yourself by visiting jamf.com/training/200.

Additionally, we know some of you would love to have a course offered closer to your market. While we must always be sensitive to whether or not a location can support one of our courses, we’re always looking for feedback on where our customers would like to see them be offered. If you would like to let Jamf know about where you would like us to host a class, please do so by visiting our course request site. Sharing this information will help us gauge interest and help us determine what future locations we can bring our courses to.


  • Edit: We just realized that the course request link takes people to a page wherein the courses are listed in our older naming convention. Apologies for any confusion. We'll work on getting that corrected, but in the meantime you guys can equate the CCT to the 200, the CCA to the 300, the CJA to the 350, and the CCE with the 400 when filling out the form. Thanks again for all of your feedback!


Hope to see JAMF 300/400 in south Florida as well.


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Thanks, @joshuatoro.

Love to see other courses in SLC.