Updating Mac OS - User Deferral

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I would like the policy to enforce computers to be updated to the most recent OS version within a certain time frame. Users should be prompted to update, but be allowed to defer. After the specified time period I need the update to be forced on the computer.

Is this a possibility with Jamf? If not, what are alternative options.

Thank you in advance



Yes this is built in Jamf.

In the policy go to User Interaction, tick Allow Deferral then set the time limit, after which it should enforce the policy.

When the policy runs they get the option to Submit now (run the policy) or defer over a rage of times up to the date and time set by you.

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Please give this a look and an upvote. This is sorely needed so we (admins) don't need to create a new policy (or update one) in order to force an OS update.


I responded to the same question on another thread and gave our workflow. Here is the initial messaging that goes out to the employee

...and here is the logic