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I’m new to Jamf (less than a fortnight) so I’m probably just making a rookie mistake here. Not even sure if this is the right place to submit an enquiry like this - apologies if not.

I’m attempting to update the server token in our Jamf Cloud DEP instance and have followed these steps:

Log in to Jamf Cloud

Go to - Settings/Global Management/Device Enrollment Program

Left click on “Public Key” button

Log into Apple School Manager

Go to - Settings/Org.name/MDM Server Information

Left click “Edit” button

Left click “Upload New…” button

Browse to location of public key and upload

Left click “Done”

Left click “Download Token”

Go back to Jamf Cloud

Go to - Settings/Global Management/Device Enrollment Program

Open DEP instance

Left click “Edit”

Left click “Upload Server Token File”

At this point the “Upload” and “Cancel” options appear but the “Upload” button is greyed out and the only available option is “Cancel”. Attempting to drag and drop the server token shows a + sign whilst hovering over the window but nothing happens when I drop the file.

As I said, I’m probably doing something daft, but has anyone else encountered a similar problem and resolved it? Or perhaps can advise me as to where I’m going wrong.



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How do I update my service token? Mine expires in nine days.

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Which token do you need to renew?


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It's in the Administrators guide mate

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Here are my notes from years back. The steps are a little different now as instead of Apple portal you access the info in Apple Business Manager / Apple School Manager.

Renewing DEP Token in Jamf Pro
Renew every year
Login to Apple DEP portal
select your server, generate new token
Click your server token button
Go to Jamf Pro JSS, Settings, Global Management, DEP
Choose DEP, click edit
Upload server token file and select the .P7M token downloaded previously from the Apple portal, click Save.

I set a calendar item for the day prior to expiration of Automated Device Enrollment (formerly DEP), VPP, APNS, Certs, etc.
with reminders of 3 days, 10 days, and 30 days before then.


Sorry for dredging this up, but I've just gone to upload a new DEP token to our Jamf Pro server and I'm receiving the message "the file received was not valid" whenever I try and upload. Has anybody else run into this?

The file has the standard .p7m extension, downloaded directly from Apple School Manager via Chrome on a Mac, and we're currently running Jamf Pro 10.20.1.

Any ideas on what I can do to resolve this one?


Scratch that. Just found an old post that mentioned downloading the public key and uploading that to ASM, then downloading a new token and uploading into Jamf. That did the trick.

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MBrownUoG (or anyone) - Can you send the link to the old post - I am in the same boat right now
Nevermind - found it.

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Nice video on that topic https://www.jamf.com/jamf-nation/articles/359/integrating-with-apple-s-device-enrollment-formerly-dep