Upgrade path to 10.5

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We're running 9.92.

Is there a recommended upgrade path to 10.5? Or should I be able to go straight to 10.5?


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I went from 9101.4 to 10.5 straight without any issues.

Just ensure you do the maintenance tasks before the upgrade.

always have a backup / Snapshot though..

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Listed in the fixes is this:
PI-005710 Documentation does not state an incremental upgrade to 10.0.0 is needed when upgrading from 9.98 or older to 10.2.0 or newer.

When you look at the documentation for 10.5.0, it mentions you can't upgrade from 8.1 or earlier. http://docs.jamf.com/10.5.0/jamf-pro/install-guide-windows/Upgrading_Jamf_Pro_Using_the_Installer.ht...

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Im about to upgrade from an earlier version and contacted support. They suggested doing the following:

10.0 => 10.3 => 10.5

as theres schema changes in those versions.

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We are planning to upgrade our JAMF pro to 10.5 from 10.1 and it is running in Windows server. We are using external SSL certificate. While upgrading do we need to take any extra precautions to preserve SSL settings or we can follow normal upgrade steps to do this apart from Database backup.

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Again, I upgraded from 9101.4 and our external cert was fine.