Upgrading to Java 8 on your Casper DEVELOPMENT/TESTING server.

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I figured I would pass this along, in case you have the same scenario, for those of you running Casper on Windows Server.

I upgraded the JDK/JRE to 1.8 Update 45 to begin testing on my development/testing server. I wanted to verify that Java 7 was no longer being used. However, when I checked the catalina log at startup the Java 7 JVM was still being used by Tomcat. So, after some research, since I'm rather unfamiliar with how Tomcat works, I found the following directions which pointed me in the right direction:


In the end, I had to use the tomcat7w.exe tool to point to the Java 8 JVM DLL file instead of the Java 7 DLL. This was a good learning experience, as I didn't know much about how tomcat worked in the past. The other options in this article did not work for me.

I've read elsewhere that Casper 9.7.1 is due soon, which probably can automate this detection of a change from Java 7 to Java 8 in some way (and also allow Java 8 at initial install of Casper, which isn't currently possible), but for those who are testing now, and might be stuck, I hope this helps you out. I couldn't find any Casper documentation that showed me how to change this.