Uploaded Wallpaper for iPads is stored where?

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Hi Folks,

So we have a wallpaper stored in our JSS for our iPads. We need to make an adjustment to the wallpaper. Does anyone know where on the JSS server the wallpaper is stored? I have looked through the JSS folder on our Mac server, but I cannot locate it.

I would like to pull down the original that we are using to make a change to it.

Thank you



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I think it is stored in the DB.

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I too need to know where these are stored. I have been testing several different ones and need to remove all of the old ones. If they are stored in a DB, which on is it and how would they be removed?

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In the main jamfsoftware database, I believe it's the table called "icons". It looks like all of our self service app icons and iPad wallpapers are here in a giant jumble.

I don't think there's currently any interface for organizing or removing these.